Wednesday, September 22, 2010

inb4 another movie blog... oh wait.

As of now, this is the official interwebs temple for films made for manly men of the manliest kind. The kind of men that know that once upon a time, Steven Seagal made a single good movie, which had a battleship in it, and a bunch of guns, and Tommy Lee Jones in it, and a gratuitous tit scene. And Gary Busey was in it.

If you love seeing shit get blown up, good one-liners, nameless villains with foreign-sounding names and most likely Mexican looking faces getting shot/stabbed/decapitated/eaten by animals on screen, you will come here often. Why?

Because the world has had enough faggy movies like 500 Days of Summer.

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  1. under Siege was funny shit!

    Did you draw the blog title image? or where did you get it from?