Thursday, September 23, 2010

KICK ASS (2010) - Giving neckbeards everywhere hope

Unless you've been living under a moldy rock for the past year, chances are you've heard of this little ditty called Kick Ass. Apparently it's based on a comic book...err "graphic novel" which everyone and their mother seemed to love. That's good and all, but since I can't be bothered to read things printed on actual paper and shit, I had no idea what this movie was about except that which I got from watching the pretty epic trailer.

So a basement dwelling nerd decides to become a real life superhero and goes around the city getting his ass beat into a bloody pulp. The movie goes out of its way to show you just what a loser Kick Ass really is: he spends all day on his computer, reads comics, talks about comics with his fat, obnoxious friends and the chick he digs is totally unaware of his existence. This last part is 100% totally accurate. No woman looking like Lyndsy Fonseca is ever going to be aware of you unless you are filthy rich or you are a total badass, in which case,  you wouldn't be reading a movie blog online.

Why so serious?
Kick Ass, played by Aaron Johnson, soon starts making enemies, namely Mark Strong's mob boss character, as well as some new crime fighting friends in the form of Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz) and Big Daddy (who else but Nic Cage). A word about Mark Strong. This guy just oozes cool and menace. He's had a couple of great roles in Body of Lies and RocknRolla and it's good to see him getting more quality screen time in American movies. McLovin also plays another loveable loser as Mark Strong's son, but who gives a crap. For the love of god, they've got to stop giving McLovin acting roles. Anyways, this movie belongs to Hit Girl. It's safe to say that without her character and her father, Kick Ass would be been much more bland as a film. Whenever Big Daddy and Hit Girl are on the scene, there's going to be bloody violence galore.

Yeah, not gonna happen in real life, bud.
The story is somewhat generic but does enough to keep the movie breezing past at a good pace. The set pieces are pretty interesting, with a night-vision shootout near the end and Big Daddy wrecking some mobsters' shit at a drug warehouse being the standouts. There's eye candy in Lyndsy Fonseca's scenes as well, and there's some inspired musical choices. As a piece of film making, Kick Ass would be above average at best. There's better superhero movies out there by a mile, but as a guy flick, you can't go wrong. The action is slick, gruesome and fast paced and there's memorable lines and characters.

Worth a watch IMHOTBH.

TL;DR - A nerd becomes a superhero, gets his ass beat a lot and Nicolas Cage dresses up like Batman - 8/10.

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