Monday, October 18, 2010


Hollywood is a very strange place. You can be a very talented actor and get terrible roles for the rest of your miserable career. It might also be the case that because you've got the hookups, you might happen to be a shit-tastic actor and get a wealth of great roles in which you miserably fail, yet you watch the money pile up. Or, you can be Jonah Hill, be fat, have a very attractive triple chin complete with mangy neckbeard, and play the same character in every movie you're in because... well, you're the fat kid from Superbad. Everybody loved Superbad.

Get Him to the Greek is not a movie that I had high expectations for. In fact, I mostly can't stand the fatness that is Jonah Hill. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against fat actors. One of my favorite fatties of all time was the great Chris Farley. But something rubs me the wrong way about Hill. Shit, I prefer watching movies with Seth Rogen. At least his movies make you chuckle.

Aldous Snow's face on seeing Jonah Hill's bearded triple chin.
Russell Brand reprises his role as the drugged out, sex-crazed British rocker Aldous Snow that he played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Since he mostly just acts as himself, it's pretty funny and most of the quotable lines in the movie come from him. The story has Snow facing the end of his career after releasing a turd of a song "African Child" which is panned by everyone. Diddy's record company sends Jonah Hill's forgettable character out to bring Aldous back to America for a 10th anniversary concert, and hilarity is supposed to ensue. Of course, what follows is crude but not actually funny jokes, and the movie just tries too damn hard to be oh so funny. 

The funniest part of the movie is when Aldous and McFatty are sitting around in Vegas getting high and drinking. They offer Hill's character a "Jeffrey" joint, with meth, opium, and a ton of other shit in it, and he starts tripping out. Diddy shows up and starts a fight with Aldous Snow's father, and everyone takes turns rubbing their hands on a soft, plush wall.

More Diddy, less Jonah Hill. Diddy on drugs was pretty hilarious.
To make a long story short, Jonah Hill is confirmed for hack status. He can't carry a movie to save his soul since Superbad and the only thing that saved this flick from being a total snoozefest was Diddy mad tripping on drugs and Russell Brand mad tripping on drugs.

TL;DR - Diddy makes funny faces and black jokes and Jonah Hill is fat on screen (again) - 6/10


  1. The entire scene with the "Jeffery" had me laughing to tears.

  2. i don't particularly care for jonah either, maybe if i'm really bored i'll check this one out, thanks.

  3. fullowin 'n' suppin :)


  4. I just saw this movie last night... it was mildly entertaining...